William Pitt the Elder was one of my famous ancestors. His granddaughter was Ann Pitt, who also lived out her life in Kent, but in very different circumstances. Ann Pitt was my Great, Great, Grandmother. Her descendents are now scattered over England, Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand. Earlier off-shoots of the family can be found also in Caribbean, India and South Africa.
A common thread seems to run through the family with interests in travel (by sea), trade and politics.

The last resting place of Ann Pitt in Kent, where descendents still live to this day.


Well, the lengthy stories to the left of each page, will have given you a long boring history of the Pitt family and where the genes of our inspiration lie. Our main consultant has lived and worked in England, Solomon Islands, Nauru and a few other places gaining valuable business experience. For example, in Solomon Islands he was employed by the Anglican Church to take care of the assets there, including, Trusts, Investments, properties (schools, housing, health centers, commercial & retail buildings) printing factory, retail shops, bank agency, shipping fleet, shipyard etc. Although now retired he can still pass on to international clients items of interest and assistance in putting into place suitable structures to suit their circumstances and objectives. His limitation is that he is now rather hard of hearing and prefers all communications to be by email where possible. Should you wish to communicate in a different way please send him an email to organize something suitable. He does enjoy the support of other experienced consultants who will deal with all inquiries in an efficient manner.

The Ridgeway,
Grimsby, DN34 5PH,
South Humberside

Phone: 0115 714 1943 - by appointment only.

Email  bill@william-pitt.com

To sum up - our niche market is to assist non residents of the UK to lawfully access structures in countries not often available to them. The emphasis is with UK. Best wishes and every success to you!

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