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This Monument is to William Pitt the Younger, son of William Pitt the Elder. Like his father he gave valuable service to his country, also serving as Prime Minister from 1783 until 1804 when he retired suffering greatly from exhaustion due to the demands of his high office. He died in 1806 at the age of 46.

This Monument is to William Pitt the Elder who served his King and Country as Prime Minister of England in 2 periods between 1756 to 1768. For his more detailed life story please see here.

I am a pacifist who gathered together with Lord Russell and many other individuals at Trafalgar Square, London, in 1960 to protest against the 'H' bomb. I also believe that there is only one reason to make, or obtain a gun. The purpose of a gun is to kill. Many religions say "Thou shall not kill". I believe this also. Which is the only country to have used nuclear weapons so far? Are they the biggest threat to the world?

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Self Insurance

Are you considering saving money on your insurance bill by self insuring? Lower your costs, increase your profit with your own insurance company, fully licensed. Are you reluctant because you will lose the tax deductions that you may be receiving at present? Well, there may be a very good solution for you. American companies have discovered that you can self-insure using your own 100% owned, properly licensed insurance company - if yours is a large company, or group. Alternatively, for small to medium enterprises you may consider a protected cell structured insurance company. In either of these cases the USA recognises your self-insurance payments as tax deductions. Of course, each country has its own laws covering these issues and you really must consult with your advisers in the countries where you are operating. Having billed yourself for insurance you may consider it prudent to re-insure part of your risk with an offshore insurance provider, who usually have lower cost structures. We can assist you in this with our long term arrangements providing competitive coverage.

Our page on the subject of self insurance is presently being re-written under the guidance of our in-house insurance expert of some 30 years plus, in the offshore self-insure / re-insure fields.

No need any longer to pay your insurers inflated fees to cover their sales and administration costs. You can choose to either lower your insurance costs, or maintain them by accumulating excess sums to cover potential liabilities in the event of disasters. Eventually, they may be returned as additional profits. Your money in a protected cell, or your own insurance company can be put to work to earn even more profit for your shareholders.

Another major advantage of self insuring in this manner is the obvious benefit of paying your own damage bills, instead of fighting with other insurers who always seem to be trying to avoid, or reduce their obligations.

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