Offshore Bank

Offshore Bank Account Opening

Usually, I do not recommend that any client should use an offshore bank for their business or investments. This is because offshore banks are usually quite small and they lack of economy due to scale. This leads to higher bank fees. Also, offshore banks are regarded with suspicion (sometimes rightly and sometimes quite wrong). Thus correspondent banks ask more questions, receiving banks ask more questions and generally cause quite significant delays for your remittances. 

However, there is one exception to the above circumstances. There is one offshore bank in the Caribbean that for many years has provided its customers with good investment products. The foremost of these is access to the MT4 trading platform, where you can buy, hold and sell, shares on many of the worlds major sharemarkets (and some smaller ones) as well as forex trading possibilities, options and futures. They are the ones to have also made available the buying and selling of Bonds, both government and corporates. 

So how can we help you? We have a good relationship with this offshore bank that was gained when I traded my own portfolio and some for clients also. They are very careful about who they accept as clients and open accounts for. If you fit the client profile that they seek I can help you through the account opening procedures for quite small time spent fees. Of course, I only offer this service to clients that I have known through other services, such as company formations, or working with another professional. Just send me an email expressing your interest in opening an offshore account.