Office Service

The East India Company Offices were at the centre of international trade while Thomas 'Diamond' Pitt served as Governor of Madras in India. He had periods of time when he worked for the East India Company and at other times appeared as enemy.

Thomas 'Diamond' Pitt, traveler, politician and International Trader. Wealth acquired by somewhat dubious means.

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Office Service

We would like our somewhat modest offices to be available to you to act as your local (Humber River, England) business address, back office, registered office, or perhaps virtual office. Our location in Grimsby near the mouth of the River Humber can service your needs with the 4 ports - Hull, South Killingholme, Immingham and Grimsby all within easy distance and all facing the west coast of Europe, which is just a short distance away across the North Sea. Ready to service Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg and more. Our family is well represented in this area with significant experience with Local Body Representation and Administration, all available to take care of your office needs. Additionally, we have several private locations where we can attend to your needs without being disturbed by the general public and other inquisitive persons.

Back Office

Our back has sufficient experience to handle a range of functions spread from maintaining Unit Trust Registers to simply doing your essential bookkeeping, invoicing (or re-invoicing where this is lawful), document translations between Russian, Chinese, English, shipping documentation and much more. Just ask us if we are confident that we can do your work in an outsourcing arrangement. 

Registered Office

Your official office for the receipt and onwards transmission of official Government communications, particularly from the Companies Office and HMT services. All inwards mail is same day scanned and emailed to you for no extra cost. The annual engagement fee is a modest GBP40. As a special we can combine the annual engagement fee for Registered Office and business address for the modest amount of £70 per annum.

Business Address

A reputable address to use on your letterhead and to which you can add your own UK phone number obtained by you from Skype for the efficient handling of your own business calls. No one knows your business better than you. Mail to this address is also scanned and emailed to you daily for a modest charge - please let us know the expected volume so that we can quote you a competitive price, plus an annual engagement fee.

Virtual Office

We realise that every clients needs are different and must be treated accordingly. For this reason we ask you to detail your needs to enable us to quote you a reasonable engagement fee, plus activities charges. You should pay for your work, not some other clients work!