President Trump has both good and bad proposals. I agree with him about what he call "fake news." There is a section of the media that is intent on perverting the truth in order to sensationalize and get coverage with no consideration for the people they are clearly harming.

I believe that the media must be allowed to say whatever they like as long as it is true!

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It has always been perfectly OK to use nominees / custodians to hold ones assets, particularly shares in business, or investment holdings. Equally, it has been common business practice to appoint a Director (frequently called a nominee director) to your company who will carry out your instructions, provided that they are legal. There has always existed a multitude of good and genuine reasons for this, all of which have been legal. However, these well intentioned and lawful measures have increasingly in recent times, been taken up by criminals, who have used innocent people to hide behind and take the blame for their crimes.


I appreciate that there are still many good reasons why assets might be more wisely held and managed. There are tools available, when correctly structured, that will allow this to happen and at the same time protect innocent people. I have no intention of making this knowledge available to the general public because that will allow the bad guys to copy. So, if you have genuine reasons, and want to set matters up in a proper way, please share your situation and objectives with me (in strict confidence, of course) and I will assist you with this. We do have genuine, legal solutions for you to protect your client and the cost should not be a deterrent. After all, the rich and famous are doing most of this already!

Annual Appointments
Non-Executive Director (nominee director)
Custodian Shareholder (nominee)
Discretionary Trust to hold shares
Company Secretary
GM Power of Attorney (preparation & signing)