License Costs

Typical License Costs to Set up and Maintain

The costs of forming and maintaining a captive insurance company in Vanuatu can be budgetted for as follows: First Year:

  • Govt. registration fee (authorised capital of VT50 million or less) US$ 450
  • Exempted insurance licence US$ 900
  • Other disbursements (approximately) US$ 300
  • Our incorporation fee US$ 2,500
  • Our representation fee -for use of nominee services (maximum) US$ 2,500
  • Provision of local office (rental) annual cost US$ 500
    TOTAL US$ 6,700
Annual thereafter:
  • Government registration fee US$ 450
  • Exempted insurance licence US$ 900
  • percentage government levy say US$ 80
  • Our representation fee US$ 2,500
  • Local office rental US$500
    TOTAL US$ 4,430
Both the annual government registration fee and our annual representation fee are payable on 1st 
April. For the latter fee, a pro-rata credit is given for the first such fee on incorporation. Other costs of
maintaining the company include accounting and audit fees, services in relation to the company's 
operations, administration and investment of accumulated funds and the provision of professional 
advice are totally dependent upon your activity. These fees may be based on the time involved at the 
scale rates of from US$50 to US$180 per hour, depending upon the professional level of the persons 
used for each task.

In the case of a Protected Cell structure, every case is different according to client requirements and 
subject to negotiation. However, you may expect savings when compared to the above rates and need
to consider the significant lower capital cost requirements that may apply to your business.