Company Formation

Company Formation

We are entitled to be your agent in the formation of a range of company structures to handle your business. We do specialize in assisting non- UK citizens, or residents, to establish their business in the UK in order to take advantage of the UK legal system and general reputation in business.

In England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales we can attend to the formation of your company formation needs be it a:-

Public Limited Company

Private Limited Company 

Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Partnership

Company Limited By Guarantee (not for profit)

We have a limited selection of ready made or shelf companies, both recent and aged

British Unit Trusts, Australian Unit Trusts

British Financial Service companies

Port Vila Insurance License companies, or protected cell

Offshore company formation in several jurisdictions (please ask us for information about your chosen jurisdiction).

Please be advised that all UK corporate entities, including SLP’s, are now subject to the same set of anti- money laudering Regulations, which are certainly not onerous for honest business purposes.