At just 24 years old, William Pitt The Younger, son of Pitt the Elder, was the youngest Prime Minister in history. He died aged only 46. He was exhausted by the demands of an office whose modern conception he helped to establish, and of a peculiarly threatening international situation that frustrated many of his political goals.
He served as Prime Minister from 1783 to 1801 and again from 1804 to 1806.

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As Brexit gets ever closer to being a fact, more and more people are waking up to the opportunities that will inevitably arise as a result. Britain will control its own trade rules. It will get closer to the Commonwealth again, which means dealing with like minded people who share a history together as a major group in the future world.

The opportunity will be there for Britain to set its own financial structure under a re-vitalised Bank of England. Some of the stupid rules that were imposed by other European countries on England can be reversed allowing the British Pound to become larger and stronger again. Return to being the worlds most used financial centre.

The result will be numerous opportunities for both TRADE and FINANCIAL SERVICES. Will you be there for the ride to prosperity again?

Do you need some guidance through the maze of tax rules, the corporate regulations, the service support area and provision of office services? Although at first sight it looks quite daunting, when you actually get operating it is not so difficult to deal with and there are sure to be loopholes there initially that may well compensate you further for persevering with it.

We have some office arrangements in place already in the Humber Region where there are 3 ports that will compete for service directly across the North Sea to markets right through Europe just a short distance away.