Bond Dealing

In years gone by, the Pitt family made and lost fortunes. They did not have the opportunity to invest hard earned gains in safe investments like Bonds. They were so busy working very hard to earn money that they lacked the time to look after it properly, with the result that fortunes were often lost. Does this sound familiar? Do not make the same mistake.

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Bond Dealing

The wisdom of putting a percentage of ones assets into the range of bonds available apples equally today as it always has. The difficulty has been that the only way to buy or sell bonds is in large parcels that are beyond the means of average investors in most countries. Now there is a solution.

In what has been declared as a world first, the MT 4 trading platform, which is widely used around the world by investors to trade forex, buy / sell shares and equity derivatives, options and futures, has now added the ability to buy / sell a range of bonds in small parcels. Welcome news indeed!

Well, if you would like to handle your portfolio, trading, holding and protecting your portfolio in a prudent manner - consider this:

I can assist you to open an account with a reputable offshore bank that has for the last 10 to 15 years made available to its clients the ability to trade in the manner that they wish on the MT 4 platform. This is trading in an offshore environment with the best onshore applications using a reputable bank.

If you want to know more just send me an email explaining what you need - no obligation for you to proceed if you do not want. BTW - I traded my own portfolio with this so I know that it is trustworthy.