My ancestor was William Pitt the Elder who was Prime Minister of England and was widely credited as being one of the persons responsible for growing the British Empire - which has since become the Commonwealth. See his life story at William Pitt the Elder.

Before going any further let me explain. William Pitt Business Consultants have no financial interest in any of the products introduced on this website. Although, if you wish, we will often assist you to access products for a time related fee for ourselves.

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Corporate Services in UK For Offshore Clients.

William Pitt brings to your attention both offshore products and corporate services that may be of interest to overseas clients. Our focus will be on providing corporate services in the UK to non-residents and offshore businesses.  For company formations please see drop down menu under COMPANY FORMATIONS. From the menu above you will immediately note one item of interest to investors and another of interest to medium and large business. 

Do you seek to take advantage of the UK structures and services available in this major financial hub? It is well known that New York and London take it in turns as the foremost financial centres in the world. It may well cost you less than you may think, so view our page on FINANCIAL SERVICES or COMPANY FORMATIONS by selecting from the above menu tab.

Investors who until now have been unable to diversify their portfolio sufficiently by purchasing relatively small parcels of a varied BOND PORTFOLIO are now able to do so in what is claimed to be a world first. I can direct you to an offshore account, which gives you access to the well-known MT4 platform where trading of Bonds is now available - please see BOND DEALING above.

Following Bexit, business in many countries will seek a presence in the UK through which to handle trade transactions, or servicing functions dealing from in-between the originating country and the end user country. We are increasingly geared up for this work by initially handing your corporate formation, with or without appropriate service personal. This may include providing experienced resident non executive Directors, custodial service for ownership and routine office administration. You need to discuss with us what may be appropriate to you.

Our general office services may include some specialized services such as Unit Trust Administration and general administrative support for investment personnel. For Family Offices we may become your local admin office in the UK. Again, please talk to us about what may be appropriate to you.

William Pitt